Send, Receive, View & Share Tamper-proof Records and Entitlements.

DocTrace would bring decentralization in the business. It would not require trust on any third party storage provider and very less hanes for getting data tampered or deleted. Also it increases the turnaround time. All the translations need huge time for multiple sign offs.

What are we offering?

Why are physical or electronic Documents used to Grant Entitlements?

Why are physical or electronic Documents used to Grant Entitlements?

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    Cybercrime In Numbers

    Cybercrime In Numbers

    Top 10 US breaches (date) and $$$ losses:

    ​​10. Uber (2016) – $148M​

    ​9. Sony PlayStation (2011) – $171M​

    ​8. Marriot (Starwood – 2018) – $200M​

    ​7. TJX (2007) – $256M​

    6. Epsilon (2011) – $270M​

    ​5. Target (2013) – $300+M​

    ​4. Yahoo (2013 & 2014) – $470+M​

    ​3. Exactis (2018) – $500+M​

    ​2. US Office of Personnel Mgt – $500M​

    ​1. Equifax (2017) – $700M​


    Blockchain Enabled Unilateral Record Issuance and Interoperability Platform


    • Gold source transactions for life
    • Never lose a record and share with others
    • Advanced search & timeline view
    • Categorize and tag records
    • Fraud proof – guaranteed authenticity
    • All your records at your fingertips
    • Eliminates background checks and the need for notarization
    • Organize, send to favorites, archive and unarchive


    • Perpetual personal immutable ledger
    • Powered by Fabric private peer-to-peer blockchain network
    • Advanced security with 256-bit AES encryption
    • Pluggable consensus RAFT algorithm 512ch hash (SHA3 SHAKE256)
    • Stronger and safer at each new transaction
    • Instant verification of authenticity to 3rd parties
    • Website, 231 APIs, Android and iOS apps
    • Supports images and attachments
    • Built in QR generator
    What Is The Problem?

    Entitlements and one-way records are still printed, faked, costly, stored in folders and cabinets, hard to trace, hard to verify and not digitally transformed for efficient business processes.

    How Do You Solve?

    Blockchain platform to efficiently issue and receive digital document on the
    hyperledger. One source, cost effective, verifiable, and digital first.

    Born Digital, Green, and Secure

    With DocTrace One-Way Records and Entitlements Become:

    Tamper-proof and Immutable.

    One creator, one issuer, one authority.

    Digital and Instantly Verifiable.

    One receiver. View, share, and keep forever.

    Permanently Available & Traceable.

    Permanent record logged directly to the blockchain.


    Our Mission

    To transform, digitize and secure the world’s one-way records and entitlements making it easy to issue, receive, and share tamper-proof records.