Return Policy

1. Overview

At DocTrace, we prioritize transparency and flexibility in our customer relationships. This Return Policy outlines the terms and conditions for terminating recurring subscription plans with DocTrace, including details regarding data retention and customer options.


2. Subscription Termination

Customers are entitled to terminate their recurring subscription plans with DocTrace at any time, without incurring penalties or additional charges. This empowers customers to manage their subscription plans according to their evolving needs and preferences.


3. No Refunds for Logs/Records Issued

DocTrace does not offer refunds for logs or records successfully issued during the subscription period. Once a log or record is successfully generated and issued through our platform, it becomes an integral part of our service, and refunds cannot be provided for these transactions.


4. Data Retention and Secure Electronic Document Storage

Logs or records issued through DocTrace are paid for up to one year after their issuance. After this period, customers have two options:

– **Secure Electronic Document Storage**: Customers may choose to retain their logs or records on the DocTrace platform beyond the initial one-year period by opting for our Secure Electronic Document Storage service. This service ensures continued storage and accessibility of the data within our secure blockchain network.

– **Data Dump**: Alternatively, customers may request a data dump from DocTrace after the initial one-year period. Upon receiving the data dump, customers have the option to remove their logs or records from the DocTrace blockchain network.


5. Cancellation Procedure

To terminate a recurring subscription plan with DocTrace, customers must submit a formal cancellation request through their account portal or by contacting DocTrace Customer Support. Once the cancellation request is received and processed, the subscription will be terminated, and access to the DocTrace platform will be discontinued.


6. Contact Information

For assistance with subscription terminations or inquiries regarding our Return Policy, customers can contact DocTrace Customer Support at Our dedicated support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns regarding subscription management and termination.


By utilizing DocTrace’s services, customers acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this Return Policy.