Construction companies are in a market that handles licenses, certifications, regulations, change orders, progress reports, project plans, and approvals on their daily routine as much as they deal with the construction materials themselves. However, those are not the only elements they face frequently. As part of this business routine, these companies unfortunately also end up facing scams, forged documents, and fraudulent paperwork much more often than we can imagine. Looking for a way out of this sad reality in their sector, SEC Solutions, an engineering company from Austin, found Doctrace as a solution to these problems.

Cutting-Edge Solution

Doctrace is an efficient and secure document management solution where general companies can issue, track, and verify the authenticity of digital documents. The platform utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the immutability and tamper-proof of the unilateral records, which significantly reduces fraud and increases transparency in the document management process. It delivers the ultimate security and high availability while providing substantial cost and time savings with no need for background checking or verifications anymore.

Doctrace revolutionizes the way companies can create, issue, edit, and share documents with its advanced patented file-less technology. The data is protected in encrypted at the point of creation, guaranteeing the authenticity and reliability of every document. This data is stored in the e-safe ledger using new-age blockchain technology, eliminating the possibility of tampering, alterations, fraud, and misdistribution. A private blockchain network ensures no need of relying on public blockchains.

This immutable digitally signed document management place allows companies and individuals to keep in a modern and fun easy-to-use interface, all their digital documents, such as IDs, permits, licenses, event tickets, receipts, certificates, prescriptions, grade sheets, transcripts, warranty certificates, vaccination records, attendance sheets, and hundreds of other one-way entitlements.

In Doctrace, records are known as Logs. Provider users create Logs using a template-based structure and choose who will receive them and the extent of their validity. Providers can also edit, or revoke Logs as needed, giving them full control over the content they share. Once a Log is created, the Receiver can verify and approve it without needing to create their own Doctrace account. 

If changes are required, the Receiver can request alterations, prompting the Provider to create a new version of the Log. The old version is then archived in the Log history, thanks to the immutability of blockchain records. Logs can be shared publicly or kept private at the Receiver’s discretion. The free iOS and Android mobile apps offer instant notifications of any updates to Logs.

To ensure security, all Receivers can use biometric technology to manage and organize their Logs. The technology allows Receivers to secure their records and keep them private. The Receiver can search, tag, add or remove items from their favorites list, and archive Logs as needed. With these features, the Doctrace platform provides a comprehensive solution for secure and efficient record management and sharing.

This reality is for you

Doctrace is a powerful solution that can help businesses of all kinds. Whether you’re in real estate, education, government, finance, healthcare, or any other industry that deals with important records and documents, Doctrace can provide the security and organization you need. And it’s not just limited to these industries – Doctrace can help legal firms, events and entertainment companies, supply chain companies, nonprofits, utilities, travel agencies, and more. With Doctrace, you can ensure that all your records are protected and easily accessible whenever you need them.

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Andre Verona, DocTrace Product Manager